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Meet Poet, Pelican, José and the rest of the gang!

Meet Poet, Pelican, José and the rest of the gang!

As you may have heard, there’s a new fur in town. Or actually, there’s a whole bunch!

Birger Christensen’s creative director Mark Tan presents a super-confident, youthful fur collection for Spring/Summer 2018 – borrowing vintage-feel silhouettes from the label’s archives, brought right up to date with rainbow-bright colours. The result is a wearable collection of distinctive coats rooted in Tan’s belief that fur should be fun, but also something to own forever.

Since his appointment in 2016, Tan has been sifting through the Birger Christensen back-catalogue of furs (the store first opened its doors in 1869). “It’s been incredible going through the archives. Nobody does fur better than Birger Christensen. The techniques and the craft are unparalleled,” the designer states. “With this collection, I wanted to come back to that DNA, but with a modern feel. Not simply recreating coats from the past.”

In that spirit, the collection’s standout look, the “Poet Coat”, references the cut of a Birger Christensen classic, the Kelly jacket. Tan has tweaked the proportions, giving the Poet Coat a contemporary twist by adding a removable collar, cuffs and belts in a selection of colours – including raspberry, bubblegum, lemon, denim, olive and wasabi. The colour palette itself takes inspiration from another aspect of Birger Christensen heritage – the family’s links to the iconic Danish designer Finn Juhl, whose use of colour reflected his fascination with Goethe’s famous colour circle.

All pieces in the Birger Christensen collection are responsibly sourced, and made from the finest quality fur.