Saks Potts

The universe of Saks Potts is a mix of vivid, strong colors, timeless designs, and an innovative and fresh view on fur. The Copenhagen-based brand is an extravagant and modern womenswear brand, established by Barbara Potts and Cathrine Saks. Their designs represent unusual aesthetics, playful colors, and interesting and delicate materials, all in high quality.
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  1. Saks Potts
    Foxy Coat
  2. Saks Potts
    Moto Hoodie
    As low as 1,250.00 DKK
  3. Saks Potts
    Slim T-shirt
    As low as 875.00 DKK
  4. Saks Potts
    Slim LS T-shirt
    As low as 1,100.00 DKK
  5. Saks Potts
    Bon Jacket
  6. Saks Potts
    Carole Coat
    As low as 3,300.00 DKK
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